Friday, December 31, 2010

Teach Me How To Bucky

This is a Zooniversity and Cascia Films collaboration, presenting the official music video for Teach Me How To Bucky

Thursday, December 30, 2010

FVA's Top 10 Fail Videos of 2010

FunnyVideosArchives' Top 10 Funny/Fail videos of 2010. May 2011 bring us even more Fail!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Actor - Owen Wilson Dies In Snowboard Accident?



Maybe Mediafetcher just got Bored Today!
The irony that they "reported" Adam Sandler died the same way is unbearable. Here is what the "bogus" report says:

Actor Owen Wilson is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier today - December 29, 2010.

The actor & novice snowboarder was vacationing at the Zermatt ski resort in Zermatt, Switzerland with family and friends. Witnesses indicate that Owen Wilson lost control of his snowboard and struck a tree at a high rate of speed.

Owen Wilson was air lifted by ski patrol teams to a local hospital, however, it is believed that the actor died instantly from the impact of the crash. The actor was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident and drugs and alcohol do not appear to have played any part in his death.

Here's why it is FAKE
I put my name in and "Died" too Jim Barnes

Mini fridge Beer Cannon

Mini fridge that now shoots beers via iPhone. It is controlled by an iobridge via a web based iPhone interface and shoots the beers from an air cannon in the housing.

New Year - 5 levels of intoxication

Maybe we should chug on over to Mambe Pambe land, where maybe we could find some self-confidence for you. You Jackwagon!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Village People Puppets?

Foam Weapon League

The Foam Weapon League is an alternative sports league that combines the best of live action role playing and martial arts, featuring male and female Warriors drawn from all walks of life, battling one-on-one in a combat circle using foam rubber weapons.

NY's Dumbest; NYC sanitation workers destroy a Ford Explorer

City workers destroy a Ford Explorer trying to free a snowbound front-loader in Brooklyn Heights, New York after the storm of 2010. The crazy thing here....the vehicle WAS....wait for it....A NYC Dept of Buildings city owned vehicle. I went down, I know the owner, they are aware of the video and no police ever came. Hope that answers a lot of questions. Obviously some comments here in response are from the driver himself.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Feelin So Fly Like a Cheesehead

Higher Education Presents: Feelin So Fly Like a Cheesehead. The New Packer Anthem.

Bohemian Rhapsody, With Four Violins

Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen. Arranged for four violins and performed by Joe Edmonds.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top 10 Pranks of 2010

Here are the ten best as decided by popularity on and Their YouTube channel. Personal favorite is still Evil Clown Prank. Ah, memories.

Packers Fan Announces He Will Return To Drinking For Another Season

Chris Lukawski, a longtime devotee of the Packers and beer, is confident his battered liver and family can handle another NFL season of unrestrained alcohol consumption.

Happy Festivus!

The best holiday in the world, celebrated every December 23rd.

Two Deer Rescued From Icy Mississippi River

If you have a helicopter, a pair of water skis and a rope, the sky is the limit. The rest of us will just have to watch the video.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Candlelight - The Maccabeats

Happy Holidays to all my Jewish friends.

Check Out My Giant Snow Balls!

Damn English women have no sense of humor. It's just a giant snow penis!

Who Came First Joe?

Well this young man has definitely had the “Birds and Bees” talk. Otherwise this wouldn't make any sense to him. Another father to son smack-down on Facebook!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Balls of Fire!

So it wasn't bad enough when a kid lit his hair on fire. Then this idiot had to up the ante and light up his balls. Can you believe that hurt? Hope he took a picture of his balls before he burned them off!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He Rocks Out, With His Cock Out!

So a somewhat common occurrence in New York City is creepy guys showing, and occasionally physically introducing, their penises to women. One woman pulled the emergency brake when a man allegedly rubbed up against her and pulled out his johnson and another helpful stranger filmed it.

subway new york city penis

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beer Slingshot FAIL!!!!!!!!!

That's gotta hurt.

Dildo Removal From Anus!!!

Emergency Room Doctors Remove Large Dildo From Patients Anus. I'm sure the patient was working naked on a ladder and just happened to fall on it! LMAO

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pussy uses his belt to start a fight and ends up KTFO

Girl Throwing Puppies In River On Video In Bosnia Won't Face Charges

The puppy-throwing Bosnian girl seen in a video chucking the helpless animals into a raging river will reportedly not face any charges.

Police have apparently dropped the case, outraged members of PETA in Europe said on Tuesday.

Authorities reportedly have let the matter go because the girl, whose identity has never been released, is too young to face a judge.

It has also been reported that none of the puppies seen being thrown into the water died, and were in fact rescued by an old woman who allegedly found them along the shore. But animal rights activists don't buy it.

"This is outrageous," a PETA spokeswoman, Nadja Kutscher, said, according to a report in a German newspaper. "The puppies that the old woman was with were completely different ones to those thrown into the river in the video. The puppies would never have survived."

The young Cruella De Vil, seen in the video wearing a red hoodie, smiles as she picks several puppies out of a dirty bucket and viciously tosses them into a rapidly flowing river.

At one point, as the girl lobs a black-and-white pup into the water, she can clearly be heard saying, "whee."

The teen joins a growing number of people caught on video being unkind to animals. A British woman who later received death threats was captured by a CCTV camera in August tossing a cat into a garbage can, and in 2008 a U.S. Marine was filmed throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq.

The video can be found in my August postings if you want to watch it again.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Navy Pilots Caught On Camera Grounded Over Lake Stunt

SAN DIEGO -- Two Navy helicopter pilots from North Island Naval Air Station have been grounded over a YouTube video that allegedly shows them dipping the $33 million aircrafts into Lake Tahoe.

In the video taken Sept. 13, both helicopters hit the water and one seems to spin out of control and crash into the water before its pilot apparently pulls the craft back into the air.

A Navy spokesman More.. confirmed that the video was genuine footage of two MH- 60 Romeo helicopters from North Island's Helicopter Maritime Strike 41 squadron, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

North Island Naval Air Forces command spokesman Lt. Aaron Kakiel told the newspaper the pilots were grounded

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fart Compilation

Warning this video contains many farts. Some of which may burn the hairs off your ass!!

Cock My Gun Baby!

This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is one's for shooting, this one's for fun! Hopefully she can take the force of gun number two better then this!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

George Michael Going to the Slammer

George Michael has been sentenced to eight weeks in a British jail for driving under the influence and possession of marijuana after he drove his Range Rover through the storefront of a photo shop in London on July 4, the Associated Press reports.

District Judge John Perkins told the singer, who has had a history of mixing drugs and driving, that "it does not appear that you took proper steps to deal with what is clearly an addiction to cannabis. That's a mistake which puts you and, on this occasion, the public at risk."
Police allegedly found Michael "spaced out" behind the wheel of his car after the collision. He admitted that he had smoked marijuana and had taken a sedative. He pleaded guilty to the charge soon after the accident.

On two different occasions in 2006, the singer was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car, and also in that year, he hit three other cars as he was trying to leave a parking space.
He's admitted being a "terrible driver." The judge apparently agreed and revoked his driver's license for five years and slapped him with a $1,930 fine.

MISSING CHILDREN : Missing Abducted Children - Watkins Abduction Story

Share with your friends. You may have to pause it or watch it twice.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nancy Pelosi Gets the Smackdown! Oz Style

Excellent example of political humor - biting - without being nasty or vulgar!

Thongs and Whipped Cream!!! Yes!!!

Police cited a 37-year-old Moorhead woman for indecent exposure Sunday after she allegedly walked into the downtown Walgreens store here partially covered in whipped cream.
The woman, identified by police as Katherine Margaret Watson, entered the store about 5:45 p.m. wearing only a thong, pasties, a “partial” green towel and the whipped cream, Lt. Tory Jacobson said.
A bystander called police and gave the woman a blanket to cover herself.
The woman, who was trying to buy shaving cream, told police she was a “free thinker” and was trying to make a statement, Jacobson said. She said she wanted to catch people’s attention and to get them to think outside the box and not conform to society's views, he said.
“She said that if she did this at Sturgis, no one would look twice at her,” he said.
The woman later admitted that her actions might have been “a little over the top,” Jacobson said.
A police officer cited the woman for indecent exposure and transported her home, he said.

"In Lieu of Flowers" send Money to anybody who is running against President Barack Obama in 2012

Deceased Georgia Man Uses His Obituary to Solicit Donations in Lieu of Flowers “to Anybody Who is Running Against Obama in 2012″…

If you are a friend of Don Unsworth, a Georgia businessman who recently passed away, don’t send flowers to the family. Just vote against President Obama in 2012.

- About 50 people attended the funeral for Don Unsworth, a northwest Georgia businessman, father, grandfather and husband. Described by family as lively, humorous and politically conservative.

Mr. Unsworth’s newspaper obituary r More..eflected all those qualities with the following request: “In lieu of flowers the family respectfully asks that donations be sent to the American Cancer Society, or to the campaign of anybody who is running against President Barack Obama in 2012.”

“He was not really a big Obama fan,” said his daughter Donna Barnes. Barnes says the US Air Force veteran disliked the costly stimulus and worried about unemployment. The obituary, and the donations, were Unsworth’s family’s idea. “We just felt like it was the best tribute we could give to him,” said Barnes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NEVER bring a knife to a Gun Fight!!! My home town!

The Wood County Sheriff’s Department has released video of a Wisconsin Rapids police officer’s shooting of a 16-year-old boy who was carrying a knife.

At 2:59 a.m. Aug. 15, a Wisconsin Rapids officer responded to the report of three people attacking a vehicle and one person threatening a man with a knife.

Wisconsin Rapids Officer Rod Krakow, a 22-year veteran of the department, encounter More..ed a 16-year-old boy on Gaynor Avenue.

In the video taken from Krakow’s squad car, Krakow can be heard repeatedly telling the teenager to drop the knife and get to the ground. He tells another officer to “tase him” just before the teenager lunges with the knife at the officer.

Trace Cyrus:“UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious.”

Trace Cyrus



Trace, 21, will be the host of a new show on the Syfy Network called, “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious.” Dad Billy Ray will co-host the reality show.

Trace and Billy Ray will investigate UFO occurrences, conspiracy theories and unexplained activity on “UFO: Unbelievably Freakin’ Obvious.” Here's what's obvious. You look like a jack-ass and even more and what the hell do you know about conspiracy theories. Keep the title of the show but instead make the content on "How my Dad can't make Money without his Children". Just a thought.

Billy Ray, 49, says he is excited to work with his son. “Getting the opportunity to take this adventure with my son, who has always had a keen interest in this area, is a dream come true,”. Keen interest? Really? What kind of credentials does this boy have to even give a scientific opinion on Frosted Flakes? If he and his father want to spend quality time on a "reality show", maybe they should try "Intervention". Hello?????

Just saying.

Princess Leia Voting Campaign... Yes!!! My training is now complete!!!

The Sexy Duo from NCCU Win the Princess Leia Voting Campaign
Ke Nian-Shuan and Wong Tzu-Chi
(like the names

Can't wait! Bring on the slave outfit!

Now that the Princess Leia Voting Campaign of MOA 2010 has come to the very end. The fans and supporters of the Princess Leia candidates would not want to miss the final on September 11th. A variety of big prizes and free giveaways will surprise everyone at the finals.  Great prizes are also offered during each of the three rounds of voting for the Princess Leia campaign. Prizes include  the priceless dinner with Princess Leia. If only I could get my way to Taiwan! Damn the economy.

Event Date: September 11th (Sat.)
Event Time: 14:00~19:00
Venue: National Taiwan University Stadium
For more information about MOA 2010, please log on to the MOA official website:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Craigslist censors Itself? Not likely.

Apparently the government is trying to police one of my favorite web pages, craigslist. Although I may not agree with the content in that section of the web page, erotic services, it will definitely have a trickle down effect on those of us who use craigslist to buy and sell items without the hassle of ebay or other auction sites. Here's why.

The service charges $10 for an ad in the section and $5 for a renewal. This year, it's estimated Craigslist will earn $44 million from the section, or a third of all its revenues. Where is that revenue going to be made up? From us, the average consumer trying to sell or purchase items without the hassle of ebay!

The brass at Craigslist have been mum on the shutdown since they stopped taking advertising for the section and replaced its links on landing pages throughout the United States with the word "censored" in white type on a black background. That graphic treatment makes the word very prominent on the relatively drab pages. It has also led to speculation that there's more behind the shutdown than a unilateral capitulation to the forces of morality.

Although Craigslist willingly took the link down on their own there is much speculation on why, and there should be. Every newspaper in our country runs the same adds, although it may be a little more discreet perhaps, but the end result remains the same. Who is policing them?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pamela Anderson Wants You in a Video with Her Defining the word Shit!!!!

First off. You will need to learn the definition of the word shit. I have spent numerous hours looking up the definition and have found the appropriate English modern version of the word in a helpful little video.

Actually, I'm kidding. As part of a campaign for a new Nokia smartphone, you can win the chance to star in a short film shot entirely on phones. What a bunch of Shit!! Hence the definition.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jar of Hearts

I could write a whole page on this but the music speaks for itself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Strip and go naked song of the Week!!!!!

Requested by my wife, who just happens to be at the Toby Keith concert, here is the strip and go naked, after drinking, song of the week.

Side note: Song goes out to all out friends and family in Wisconsin or who were their when we were. Who know who you are!!!!!

Oh, I put the words up with it so everyone from Illinois can sing along. GO PACKERS!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Boob apron, Really???

Here is a person who figured out how to get every red-blooded American male to quit his job.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Muslim "PSA"

My good deed of the week, bringing you a public service announcement from our Muslim friends. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Asshole of the Day

Being a pet owner I find this very disturbing. I have dogs. I have kids. I wouldn't do this to either.

Yes she is killing puppies.

Day 1

Just getting started. Hope to fill you in on all the crazy things I get to see!